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Welcome, you got what you’re looking for. This tips on how you can get more traffic on your blog site will blow your mind because is a hidden truth that is not all blogger will leak or tell you.

Can you think of someone who takes his or her product to the market every day but customers hardly come to buy them.

What do you think can be the cause? This is exactly the same with blogging.

If you check around the internet today, you will see that almost everything has been talked about and nothing is left untouched. So the question is how do you make a difference from what other have said so that you can tell people that yours is best by making them believe you. well, this is not an easy task to do but it only takes a little time and hard work to figure it out to get the job done and to study your competitors in the market or very Niche you belong and know how you can beat and rank pass them to go to the top. After doing some research on the internet, I came out with this awesome article for you, just read carefully.

1. Always share your post on social media networks:

As a blogger the first things you suppose do is joining the different social network to help your post go viral and to increase t social network presence as well as it searches engine ranking.

Do you want to learn or see how this is being done? If yes check out our tutorials by clicking here…

2. Good Keyword Research:

Before choosing a domain name for your business or blog, you have to first do what is known as keyword research to get a good keyword that people are searching for on the web every month. This keyword should have nothing less than 1000 search and nothing more than 20,000 searches a month. Best free tool for this keyword research is still Google keyword tool planner under Google AdWord platform. The keyword is like your business name or that thing that people want to know and demand. It can be linked to a product if you have any to sell. Some people always keep on doing the mistake of using their name as their blog domain name which is very wrong. This is because want to know about a particular thing they are in demand of, not your name. you are always advised to use a good keyword to start a blog. When you implement this, it will save you a lot of money doing an advert for your blog.

If you it interests you to know how this work checks my video tutorial link below…

3. Invite guest bloggers or contributors to help you write a unique post related to your Niche( the market you belong or what your blog is talking about).

Sometimes we may find it hard and so difficult to write a meaningful article that will drive traffic to our blog. so if you are one of those kindly seek help and find bloggers that blog on the same Niche as you and seek help from them. Invite them as contributors and let them write for you.

4. Always have an email subscribe widget on your blog.

This will help you to collect your followers’ emails and use them to build a good email list that you can monetize later. If you are confused on what email list is all about, check my Article “A unique and Effective ways you can build an Email list and Earn from it.”

5. optimise your blog for search engine

After creating your blog, you need to practice what is called SEO. Implementing it on your blog will increase your chance of getting my traffic from search engine ( e.g. Google) and increase your blog presence on search Engine.

6. Comment on other people’s blog and leave backlinks (your domain link or link to a particular post from your blog).

Leaving a comment with your web address or domain name on other people’s blog or forum will help to increase your site ranking and get a lot of traffic in return.

7. Always create an eye-catching title for your blog.

8. Don’t forget to always include photos on your blog post.


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